We understand the importance of financial literacy and have designed 1—2 hour seminars that cater to everyone’s financial situation that will help them take the first step in changing how we should handle money and the basic principles of finance and the components that surround it.

Financial Seminars

Below are the 4 seminars we are currently instructing:

10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Seminar is centered around the behaviors and activities that people should follow to advance them to the path of financial freedom. This class is geared to all ages 18 and up.

Small Business Financial Workshop (Starting or Struggling Businesses)

Seminar helps to enlighten and educate those who are in the works of starting a business and the matters to prepare for.  Also, for those businesses who maybe struggling we go over how the useful tools available to small business owners to help them bounce back into a more efficient and profitable company.

Finance for Teen’s (Ages 13—17)

Seminar is very similar to “The 10 Steps to Financial Freedom”, however is presented with material and delivery in a way that teens can relate to.

I’ve Earned My Degree Now What? 

Seminar is geared to the college graduates and soon to be graduates. We discuss planning and the financial matters that if implemented early on in their working careers can benefit them due through the valuable asset of time. We also discuss developing other sources of income.

If you are interested in our seminars and would like to get information on our next scheduled function or would like to schedule a private seminar for your organization, family or school, please contact us via email at Info@zeusconsultingservices.com.

Please include which seminar you are interested in, the location and how many people you will have in attendance along with your contact information so one of our representatives may contact you.